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Developers often learn online code during bootcamp

When we are in a bootcamp school, we did a feature on other activities. The school of the good software engineers that offers its students the faithful, a code of classes during 3 months. It’s amazing!

It must apply to be a Wagon

There are many IT bootcamp schools in each region of France. It is true that one can follow the online dating, but it's not very reliable. The course will be done on three months and there are four steps to becoming a very experienced developer in WinDev. There are criteria to apply: you are already having a start-up company web developer, you are now working in this area in a large company or you're a freelancer applied with interesting portfolios. Nevertheless, the course fees are expensive, for 5,000 euros, but you will have a certificate that allows you to win so quickly worldwide job, and of course you do quality work that customers cannot pass. The base salary of a professional developer released a coding bootcamp is 5,000 euros on a month, equivalent to the salary of an officer with 30 years of experience. So, you're interested! Here is what it’s expected to you.

The program of a bootcamp

For three non-stop months, you deepen your knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and then you choose a language (most bootcamp uses Ruby). We also reviewed pass design program UX and UI. The program addresses including "Flexbox and CSS grid" and everything that can make a responsive design with media queries and Bootstrap are also to see. And yet JavaScript in its most complex form with ES6 will be reviewed. Then we learn Ruby on Rails, this framework will allow to connect all this new knowledge and developing complete web applications. And finally, to end this part, we go to practice: it starts as a team and we have 5 days to create an Airbnb clone. The latest Bootcamp 2 weeks that we are devoted to final projects.

Upon arrival, the wagon ends with a special day called "Demo Day" where each group has to present his project and that is your final grade.

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