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Does Php have it's place within SEO ?

According to the evolution of the internet, the majority of all society had, nowadays, her own website. More are those who want to create their own website too, but they always heard talking about php and SEO, however, they even ignore them.

Web development and Php

Web development is the way performed for creating websites, in order to be able to see them on the net. This development use many way, that called language, as HTML, Java, Jquery, Php, and more other. Obviously, there is an easier way for creating a website with CMS or Content Management System, but it was proved that they still have some bugs to fix. These bugs are almost related to Php, and contacting php company will be incontestable. However, if the php company have been hired since the beginning of the website creating, this extra bill will be avoidable. And it’s necessary to notify that all of the CMS bugs are almost related to php language.

How to increase website visibility

It is obvious that the simple fact to create website is not anymore enough, and it will be necessary to recruit SEO, in order to perform this task. Many people still think that SEO is also using php to realize this task, but they are in fault. Because there is no relation between SEO and php development, however, many php company can provide reliable SEO developer. Usually, it’s to the SEO to include the best keyword possible to make the website easier to find while research. There are still different ways to increase the website visibility just in using Php, but this needs some knowledge. The most common used is the URL re-write, and the other one can be done from the php header function.

But it’s important to remember that there are nowadays, much company which are just specialized for it. It may be possible that a php developer arrive to increase a website visibility, but SEO are living for it.

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