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How to become a good PHP programmer ?

Would you like to know PHP programming? Are you a great PHP programmer? Do you mind talking about a successful programmer's characteristic? After learning some programming languages, you would understand that you would have to have well-adapted characteristics to become an outstanding programmer. These characteristics will make you not only to be a programmer, but also an outstanding programmer. If you think you fulfill most of these characteristics, that's a nice thing. And if you answer all these characteristics, you are already an outstanding programmer.

Passionate about programming

Just as football lovers spend most of their time watching the program and the football match, so is programming. Beginnings are always hard, but you will eventually become familiar with them and become accustomed to them. Focus more on PHP programming courses in your computer lessons. Show all your love for programming you will be rewarded.

Practice yourself

To become an excellent PHP programmer, you must practice a lot because it is practicing that you will spot your gaps, and by identifying your gaps, you will surely need to correct them and hence learn more. Decrease your hobbies in front of your computer and take time to code.

Learn from others

Do not be proud when you learn on your own because you do not know everything. Get closer to others to find out more about what they know. A computer scientist must work as a team to develop his knowledge. It is advised to get out of your zone of comfort and find PHP programmers to work with them.

Surpassed yourself

You must never have programming limitations. Do not limit yourself to two or three programming languages. Set goals to reach, push your limits even further.


If your codes do not work, do not get discouraged. Review your lines of code and find out where the bug is. Remember that if something does not work, there is a problem.

Know English language

To be a good php programmer, you must have a basic knowledge in English. A lack of this will not allow you to become an excellent programmer.

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