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Uploading files and photos using Php

All over the internet there are lots of pictures and videos. These days, many apps require the customer to be prepared to edit and upload documents to the server. Fortunately, PHP offers the features for uploading files. There are two primary methods to manage file uploads with PHP: the barebones method that involves developing an HTML form that enables consumers to send documents, and then producing a PHP file upload script to manage the documents; and using the alternative from Cloudinary.

The form of the HTML

You need to create an HTML form containing the areas with which the user interacts to upload a folder. The enctype attribute's significance is very essential. It determines the type of content submitted by the type. In most cases we would not specify the enctype attribute on the form if we were not dealing with file uploads.

Upload file in PHP script

When coping with file uploads, there are many items php programmers have to consider. In the type of issues, I will stress the prevalent ones.

  • The documents will be placed in which folder?
  • Is the folder capable of writing?
  • What file type should people be permitted to upload?
  • What browser kinds should the upload be supported?
  • What is the server's highest file size to allow?
  • Should the user be permitted to upload more than once the same image?

Uploading files with the cloud

Cloudinary provides an API to upload images to the cloud, as well as any other file. With safe backups and update records, these documents are securely placed in the cloud. Cloudinary offers a free tier where up to 75,000 images and videos can be stored with 2 GB of controlled storage. 7500 transformations per month and 5 GB of net viewing bandwidth per month.

Cloudinary already removes the pain of writing big quantities of software to communicate with their API by offering an open source PHP library that provides easy, easy-to-use help techniques for:

  • Image uploading
  • Image management and sprite generation
  • Building URLs for picture conversion and manipulation

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