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What is the best hosting solution ?

Among many choices, it is quite difficult to decide which server to choose. The market today has several offers with interesting options. With that is the price quality criterion. Will you be able to gauge? Which is the best solution?

The qualities of a good host

Nowadays, there is no free hosting solution. Rates are reasonably reasonable. The price will be the first criterion that will influence your choice. However, do not rely on a simple tariff question. If you do not have experience in the field, consult a professional. The offers are very similar and we must know how to identify the best hosts. We must then look at the software side. Two criteria must then be inspected. Does the host allow to automatically install a CMS? Does the host allow you to choose your version of PHP? Professionals also rely on other criteria, including whether or not to change a configuration variable. The limits of the number of mailboxes are also considered. In short, there are details that only a connoisseur of the field can really inspect.

The best choice

It is important to have a good host. Especially for cases of Offshore Web Hosting. The best solution then seems to be O2switch with its unique offer. This host offers the requirements to operate at its best a website. He has a fairly weak response time. It has a very responsive support service and can be reached by phone. It offers SSH and GIT access. It supports up to PHP7 +. It is a multi site, multi domain, multi FTP, multi SQL host. It also offers unlimited traffic. Delivery is immediate. And finally, SSL certificates are free. Fixed at a rate of € 72 per year, it also offers unlimited disk space. This disk space is in addition on SSD. This will ensure a very fast data flow. Added to all this, this host offers the availability of http / 2 protocol. In short, choosing a host and decide on which is better is completely subjective. There are nevertheless offers at attractive prices.

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